Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Veggie Bus Visits SSBx

Friday, October 17th SSBx was visited by the Bio Tour Bus- one of the two that is currently travelling around the country. It was exciting to see how 6 people have been traveling cross country on this bus for the last 6 months advocating for the sustainability movement to different and diverse communities across the country in this funky bus that runs on reused vegetable oil and uses solar panels to power all of the electricity used on the bus.

Just the day before it came to us the Bio Bus got its name tagged on the side in graffiti by an artist during its visit to Brooklyn. It looked so cool. During their visit here, they videotaped Miquela, Sergio and I for their iPod video cast in our conference room, it felt good to tell them all about the amazing work we do. I felt so happy to hear how impressed they were with all the work that we have done in the last 6 years. I must say that it made me feel proud to work here.

Later that day my daughter, Jealeen, and I walked down Lafayette Ave. towards this funky blue and silver bus in the distance; Jealeen and I were so excited to see the inside of the bus. I was not disappointed in what I saw. The bus had this welcoming friendly vibe just like the amazing people who lived in it. As we sat there, Jealeen along with the bus crew decided to start a band and they all started playing these instruments and everyone joined in a funny song Jealeen wanted to sing called Down by the Bay. It was a blast and a day we will never forget. Then we rode on the Bio Bus towards Barretto Point Park and it seemed so amazing to me to be on this bus that goes across the country just like the thousands of diesel trucks, but this one was actually making a difference in this oh so big world.

It was beautiful to see the sun set on the East River, for a minute it made me forget about all the burdens we deal with in this community and it made me look forward to a better tomorrow.

I would like to thank Bio Tour for the visit. It was amazing, inspiring and fun and I hope that we have the chance to hangout once again this was truly a once in a life time experience that SSBx will never forget.

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